The Classy Thigh High Boots

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Published: 17th December 2010
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Fashions come and go like the seasons and it can be difficult to work out just how to fit these fads directly into your wardrobe. For most, flicking through a fashion journal is a fantastic way of getting motivation but the majority of the models in these magazines are a size 0 and these clothes are manufactured to fit much better on more petite females.

Due to this many people are reluctant to check out brand new fashions or trends for fear of it looking nothing like it does on the model they saw in the paper. Well now there is an innovative trend that everybody will be able to go along with due to a certain amount of ingenuity and that's the thigh high boot.

"Thigh high boots" I hear you cry? When people think of these types of they quickly think of young adults or females in their early 20's shelling out a night out at the clubs. Well think one more time. I do agree that you have to be a specific type of particular person to pull off leather (self-confident I do believe) and wearing it all the way up up to your thighs can be a little too much for you personally which is why they've made these kinds of thigh high boots in suede!

Suede thigh high boots are the ideal method to permit yourself the luxury of dressed in a top fashion craze while keeping your elegance intact. They are available in all colors and many of them allow you to wear them with the top turned down to help you go with the Pirate appearance if you would like. They really can be a very functional item to have in your closet, the one limit on what to wear them with is your creative thinking and how daring you are.

Many women can't stand their thighs and wouldn't choose to draw attention to them with sparkly leather boots but with suede you might have that same stylish look but without drawing a lot of attention to where your boots stop but instead the boots themselves.

Mia Thomson writes on the thigh high boots worn to parties.

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